Wednesday, March 08, 2006

When Close Friends Separate


I 've had a friendship that began back in 1984 that has just about played itself out. Its sad. Some of it stems from misunderstandings. A good part comes from words spoken that can't be taken back. My friends (friend & spouse) over the years embraced a style of relating that I can't fathom and I suppose they can't fathom me. In many ways we are alike. But he sees me as too spontaneous and I see him as critical and controlling. We simply don't understand each other. Recently I've attempted to win back some semblance of interaction but to no avail. In fact I now realize my attempts have been foolish.

I don't think the chasm is bridge-able. Two years ago he told me that he would sacrifice our friendship to accomplish certain goals. He tried to take back what he said but the situation today speaks louder than his apology. I thought for the past two years we were on different pages- now it seems like different stories of different books.

It is painful.